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Checklist removal -  Moving company Amsterdam - Fa. PM de Wit & Zn


The removal

  • Make an appointment with Recognized Mover such as  Moving company Amsterdam - Fa. PM de Wit & Zn

  • Terminate rent old house

  • Offer old house for sale

  • Arrange a mortgage

  • Request a phone/new phone move from KPN

  • inform school

  • Make agreements about taking over floor coverings and the like with previous and future occupants

  • Inquire about the possibilities of rent subsidy

  • Arranging moving leave with employer

  • Inquire about possible reimbursement of moving costs

  • Inquire about tax deduction options for moving expenses

  • Taking measurements of new house

  • Cancel domestic help

  • Pick up a moving notice at the post office and send it filled in

  • Start by clearing out everything you don't take with you to your new home

Moving to another municipality?  

  • Apply for a residence permit from the municipality

  • Purchase a city guide and map

Inquire about:  

  • schools

  • associations

  • kindergarten

  • family care

  • social work

  • consultation bureau

  • public transport

  • garbage collection system

  • dog tax

  • municipal regulations

Two to four weeks before you move

  • Register children at new school

  • Order business cards

  • Order stationery

  • Inform home and contents insurance

  • Cut off electricity, gas and water, arrange old house

  • Connecting electricity, gas and water arranging new home

  • Make an appointment with a gas fitter for connecting gas appliances in a new home

  • Pick up a moving notice at the post office and send it filled in

  • Have a name tag made

  • Cleaning up a lot more that doesn't have to go to a new home

The last weeks before you move

  • Send address changes

  • Arrange childcare on the moving day

  • Arrange pet care

  • Notify caretaker

  • Redeem savings stamps at local retailers

  • Cancel PO Box and request new ones

  • Return library books

  • Store important papers that you don't need immediately and jewelry in a bank safe

  • Have a name tag made

  • Clean up everything you no longer want to take with you to the new house or if necessary. offer for sale through an advertisement.

  • Start packing

The last few days before you move

  • Cleaning new house and branding rooms

  • Loosen floor covering if necessary

  • Decrease fixed lamps

  • Remove curtains (except in bedrooms)

  • Notify suppliers

  • Get the satellite dish off the roof

  • Pack everything you don't need until the last minute

  • Getting simple meals for the evening before the move and the day of the move itself

  • Check whether there is enough coffee in the house

  • Enabling municipal cleaning for bulky waste

  • Securing the washing machine drum protection

  • Request a moving card from the municipality

  • Loosen perennial garden plants (if the season is suitable)

  • Leave household waste containers empty and clean, if possible accompanied by the waste calendar

  • Contents of the poison box to the poison box or to the municipal depot. Also leave the environmental box in your old house.

On the last day before you move

  • Defrost and clean the refrigerator

  • Set a full freezer on the coldest setting

  • Disassembling removable furniture

  • Take the pendulum out of the clock

  • Trying to reserve a place for a moving truck with your own car and a neighbor's car

  • Packing last things

  • Putting garden plants in buckets or plastic bags


On the moving day itself

  • Remove last curtains

  • All keys in hand luggage

  • Money and checks in hand luggage

  • Check house for leftovers

  • Record meter readings

  • Cut off gas and electricity (except if power is needed for heating that stays on)

  • Draining the water pipe in winter (even when it is not freezing)

  • Close all windows and doors properly

  • Hand over the key to the caretaker / new residents


After arriving in the new home

  • Put everything in the right place as much as possible

  • Check all unpacked items for any damage during the move

  • Checkout with your Recognized Mover

  • Make a room habitable as soon as possible

  • Hanging bedroom curtains

  • Give fridge and freezer a day of rest before switching on

  • Loosen the washing machine drum protection

  • Unpack everything

  • Screw nameplate to the door

  • Report any moving damage to your Recognized Mover

  • Contact your Recognized Mover about collecting the empty moving boxes

  • Arrange any damage to the house with the landlord

  • Meet the new caretaker

  • Send a moving card to the municipal secretariat

  • Pick up key new mailbox

Address and contact details

Moving company Fa PM de Wit and Zn

Archangelkade 43

1013 BE Amsterdam

telefoonnummer Verhuisbedrijf P.M. de Wit & Zn

Opening hours


Weekdays:  9:00 am - 16:30 pm
Weekend:   Closed

​Available 24x7 in urgent cases.

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