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Cheap storage space in Amsterdam​ ?

Looking for a safe storage space in Amsterdam where you can store your belongings?
At Fa PM de Wit & Zonen you can rent your desired storage space at an affordable price, where you can safely store your belongings for as long as you want. Our heated warehouse is secured by an advanced alarm system and camera security. The storage containers are ideal for storing, for example, archives,  household effects and inventory. The advantages of our storage units in Amsterdam:

  • 24-hour camera security

    Storage space in Amsterdam from € 47,50 per month

    Storage spaces for companies and private individuals (total 5000m³)

  • Easy loading and unloading

  • Various sizes of storage containers

  • Flexible contract duration

  • Transport aids available

Rental prices of our storage units in Amsterdam

Below you will find an overview of the costs of renting a storage space in Amsterdam with moving company Fa. de Wit & Sons. The storage costs are invoiced quarterly prior to the rental period. If your household effects are taken out of storage earlier, you will receive a credit note for the excess amount or, if you let us do the removal, it will be settled with the removal costs. So you can always cancel without extra costs.

Number of m3     Rental price per month

5 m3.                      € 47,50,-

10 m3.                    € 95,-

20 m3.                    € 180,-

The mentioned prices include 21% VAT

We can only calculate the actual rental price once the household effects and furniture have been loaded into the container. The estimate we make in advance of the required amount of cubic meters usually corresponds to the final amount. However, it may happen that more or fewer containers are needed than we had estimated in advance. Therefore, take into account a margin of approximately 5 m3  for the  final cost of storage.

opslag verhuisbedrijf Amsterdam - Firma de Wit &Zn
Questions about storage space?

Would you like to know more about our storage space in Amsterdam?  please contact  020 686 7440  or fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Address and contact details

Moving company Fa PM de Wit and Zn

Archangelkade 43

1013 BE Amsterdam

telefoonnummer Verhuisbedrijf P.M. de Wit & Zn

Opening hours


Weekdays:  9:00 am - 16:30 pm
Weekend:   Closed

​Available 24x7 in urgent cases.

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