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Moving lifts and ladder-type material lifts are commonly used during removals in the Netherlands. These provide the ideal solution if you need to move one or more pieces of furniture up to, for example, your apartment on the third (or tenth!) floor.

We own various types of moving lifts that could tremendously facilitate your move. For example, we may provide you with a moving lift that can be placed in your backyard in order to reach the bedrooms at the back of your house, or with a moving lift mounted on a vehicle that can reach up to 33 meters high (+/- 12th floor).

You may also rent a moving lift to facilitate moving your new couch or some other furniture. In this case, we offer you the additional service of having your newly purchased furniture delivered to our warehouse (notably, there is always someone there from 8:30 to 17:00). Once your furniture has been delivered, we contact you for an appointment for delivery at your home with the aid of our moving lift. The advantage of this method is that the supplier does not have to wait for us on the day of the delivery, nor do we have to wait for them, which not only avoids a great deal of nuisance, but also saves a significant portion of costs.

We charge half an hour's travel costs in Amsterdam and, in addition, we charge on a per fifteen minutes basis whilst on the job. Our moving lift rental always includes the help of at least one professional mover, who will install the lift, operate it and, of course, lend a hand!

Please feel free to call us for an appointment to discuss your removal needs at +31 (0)20 68 67 440.

You may also use our contact form, in which case we will get back to you shortly.

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