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Around 1930, Petrus Maria de Wit and his family relocated from Landsmeer to Amsterdam in order to take over a removal company there.
The moving company, Amsterdam, had been set up in 1923. As of February 1, 1931, its name changed to Fa. P.M. de Wit en zonen (De Wit and Sons' firm). Under their expert direction, the removal company grew, slowly but surely, into a well-known player on the Amsterdam movers market.

In the 1960s, Petrus Maria handed over the moving company to his three sons, Nico, Piet and Jan, who continued to develop the company. Subsequently, in 1987, the moving company was transferred it to its current owners, grandson Jan de Wit (jr) and Richard Combee.

Over the past eighty years, our method of relocating our clients has changed tremendously. Formerly, movers in Amsterdam only needed a vehicle, a couple of crates, and a block and tackle; nowadays, however, our moving company owns a storage unit with a capacity of over 5000 m³ (6500+ yd³), as well as several vehicles, various types of moving lifts, and many other appliances, all of which will help to facilitate your removal.

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Verhuisbedrijf Fa P.M. de Wit en Zn

Archangelkade 43

1013 BE Amsterdam

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Monday:       09.00 - 17.00 uur
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About us

We arrange your removal in, to or from Amsterdam. Experience since 1923. Read more about our moving company.


Fa. P.M. de Wit & Zn

Archangelkade 43

1013 BE Amsterdam

Tel: 020 686 7440


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