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Rent a removal lift through Amsterdam Moving Company

With a good removal lift, moving things to a floor becomes much easier. Moving company Fa PM de Wit en Zonen rents moving lifts for a faster move. Our moving company is very experienced in moving furniture to higher floors.
When renting a removal lift, you will always be assisted by at least one of our professional movers.

He  installs the elevator, takes care of the operation and of course also lends a hand. Contact us for a price indication.

  • Rent your removal lift at a discounted rate per day

  • Lifts with a reach of up to 33 meters

  • Rent your lift incl. mover(s)

Moving lift rental rates

In Amsterdam we charge a half hour call-out costs. The time during which we are working on the job is also added to the price. We round this up to the quarter hour. If you are interested in renting a removal lift, please contact us by phone or fill in the quotation form below.

When you reserve a removal lift with us, we will make an appointment for the delivery of the lift. In this way, the transporter can deliver the lift to you quickly, so that your move goes without worries.

Different types of moving lifts

We have various types of removal lifts in many sizes and ranges. For example, you can contact us for a surface-mounted lift that can be placed in your backyard, but also for a lift on a car that can reach up to 33 meters in height (approx. 12th floor).


If you want to rent a lift to bring your furniture upstairs, you can of course always contact us. We therefore offer you the option of having the new piece of furniture delivered to our warehouse. One of our movers is always present in our warehouse between 8.30 am and 5 pm.


We will then make an appointment with you for the  deliver  with the moving elevator. The advantage of this is that both the carrier and we do not have to wait for each other on the day of delivery, which saves a lot of costs and annoyance.

If you want to use the delivery service  can you do this  form filling.

Verhuislift - Verhuisbedrijf Amsterdam

Easily move your belongings

Fa PM de Wit en Zonen is a recognized mover for moving household effects and household effects. We handle every move professionally, including the transport of pianos, harpsichords and grand pianos. If you are going to live on one floor in a flat, a removal lift can offer a solution. Together with our professional movers, we can easily move your entire household effects from or to different floors. In addition, you can also contact us for the purchase of  moving materials  and the  storage areas . We offer a total package to ensure that every move runs smoothly.

Verhuizing met lift in Amsterdam
Verhuislift in gebruik  Verhuisbedrijf Amsterdam

Request a quote for a removal lift

Fa PM de Wit en Zonen provides the rental of professional removal lifts in and around Amsterdam.
On this website you can  Request quote  for the rent or call 020 – 686 7440.
We always provide an affordable price for every move.

Questions about private relocation?

Would you like to know more about a private move in or around Amsterdam, please contact 020 686 7440 or fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Address and contact details

Moving company Fa PM de Wit and Zn

Archangelkade 43

1013 BE Amsterdam

telefoonnummer Verhuisbedrijf P.M. de Wit & Zn

Opening hours


Weekdays:  9:00 am - 16:30 pm
Weekend:   Closed

​Available 24x7 in urgent cases.

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