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Moving boxes - Moving company Amsterdam PM de Wit & Zn

If you are going to do your move yourself, you cannot do without good moving boxes. Our moving company provides several services in the field of professional removals, including sturdy moving boxes and other moving equipment.

Cheap moving boxes

Below you will find the prices for purchasing our moving boxes and other packing materials.
The costs for delivering the boxes or other material are € 15. The amounts include 21% VAT




€ 2,50

€ 2,00

€ 9,50



€ 3,50

€ 3,00

€ 11,50

€ 7,50

€ 0,75

Moving box

Book box

Wardrobe box

Paper (5 kg)

Bubble wrap per m2

Complete move

Moving boxes and other moving materials are indispensable to ensure that your move goes smoothly. To keep your belongings organized and easy to move, you can use our cheap moving boxes, wrapping paper and bubble wrap. We also sell handy wardrobe boxes and picture boxes. All boxes are very affordable and extensively tested for quality

Address and contact details

Moving company Fa PM de Wit and Zn

Archangelkade 43

1013 BE Amsterdam

telefoonnummer Verhuisbedrijf P.M. de Wit & Zn

Opening hours


Weekdays:  9:00 am - 16:30 pm
Weekend:   Closed

​Available 24x7 in urgent cases.

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